Thursday, December 30, 2010

Party Animal!

So even though it was roughly a month ago, here is the birthday party post! Dylan's party was on the 4th, the Saturday after he turned the BIG one! We had a pretty good turn out! Anymore, and he might have been freaked out! Luckily he was great for the whole thing, and didn't mind other people playing with him.

The aspects I was most excited about were his shirt, and his cake. I was so worried about the cake, because I had only given the baker photo's of what I was thinking, I was THRILLED when I picked it up that morning! It really made my day. Not only was it amazingly cute, but it was pretty tasty too!

For food, we had a Mac and Cheese bar, some fancy flavored popcorn, and your usual party going fair, chips and dip, fruit, veggies. All very casual.

It's hard to believe how spoiled Dylan was on his birthday, considering Christmas was right around the corner, ( I'll save that post for another time) but there is certainly no shortage of people who love him!
I know this wasn't much of a post, but y'all are just here for pictures anyway, I'm onto you!
Some of the photo's are compliments of Casey

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The Neaves' said...

too cute!! Happy First Birthday to that sweet boy!