Monday, December 20, 2010

Up&Up.. Thumbs down!

If any of you know me, I'm cheap. Yup, I have very little brand loyalty. There are some things I will flat out refuse to buy generics of them, such as toilet paper, much to the dismay of my husband. He just doesn't understand that if it is thinner, I'll just use more, therefore it isn't cheaper in the long run. Having a baby is expensive. I'll be the first to admit it. But you know? It doesn't have to be that bad. While pregnant I bought two HUGE boxes of Pampers Swaddlers, for 40 bucks a box. What was I thinking. That is the last time I bought name brand diapers for my child to crap in, excuse my mouth! WE switched over to Target's Up& up brand diapers, I love them, they are cute and cheap!

I also received samples of Enfamil from signing up on their mailing list, so when we started Dylan on formula, we used that. After receiving a TON from our Pedi for free, we went to buy it on our own. HOLY CRAP. That's expensive stuff. So what did we do? Switched him to generic Sam's brand. 94 Oz. for $21! A DEAL!

Wipes, they are pretty cheap in my opinion. I mean a box lasted us like 6 months. I'm not kidding. Dylan didn't have too many dirty diapers that required a whole box! But you know, I cheap-ed out on myself and bought the Up&Up. I figured that I liked everything else from them why not. I HATE THEM. They are thin, they don't come out easily ( IE, you pull one, and you get 5!), the bottom ones are soaking so much that I have to ring them out before using them. The only positive I have about them is that they are textured, which is GREAT for scrubbing dried messes off of little hiney's! So of course I bought like the 1000 wipe box of these things, so now I'm going to use them, but next time, I'll spend the extra $2 on Pampers!:)

This is more just a little public service announcement for mom's, I've been very happy with everything else generic that I have purchased, but I wouldn't recommend buying the jumbo box of wipes until you have tried a little pack to see if you like them!

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