Friday, December 31, 2010


As I sit here watching the tiniest man in my live devour a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, a pear and some Cheerios to top him off ( come on, it says on the box a good source of calcium and Vitamin D) I am reminded that this is the last day of 2010. How can that be? With a new year brings new "resolutions." Now if any of y'all are like me, you can NEVER keep up with them. Last year it was to floss every other day. HAHA, that lasted like two weeks! I hate flossing! But this year, I think I've come up with something more do-able. I made a resolution for a MONTH. That's right, I've only set my bar as high as the end of January. My goal? No baking, no desserts. I'm hoping to cure myself of the need to eat them!

My yearly goal? To run and or walk at least 500 miles. I know that sounds like a lot. But, it's less than 10 a week. When I go on walks, which is pretty often, I usually do a 2.5 mile circuit! So, maybe I can do it. I just need to get me one of those fancy Garmin GPS devises. Birthday, maybe?

My one last goal is to learn my new fancy flash, and camera better. So I'm going to TRY, to take at LEAST one photo a day, and post it to the Pictures section at the top. Now, I want to take pictures of more than just Dylan, but lets me honest, he is the best subject I have around and on hand 24/7. So I'll try, but I can't guarantee anything!
So what are you hoping to accomplish in 2011?

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Casey said...

How funny, I was on a very similar path!
- While watching Caden snack, I thought about how I should really sit down and eat the same snack as him. Good quantity & quality!

- Camera is at the top of my list. I am trying to not be lazy and turn it to auto and have my reference books ready to learn, screw up & then hopefully master.

We will have to take photo field trips! Happy new Year!