Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So, since the new year has come I know most people have a resolution to get healthy, whether it be lose weight, or eat better or whatever. I am of course no different. I want to lose weight, I mean, yes I'm below my pregnancy weight, and probably lower than I've been since freshman year of collage, but you know what? When you have a baby your body, muscles, fat, they move around and land in places you don't want them to be! So along with running, which I don't think I've done since Thanksgiving... Oops, I am doing yoga.

That's right people yoga. But not your standard yoga, I've started doing Bikram Yoga. Not to be confused with hot yoga. Now I won't be all " Bikram Vs Hot " But they are different, and a REAL Bikram practicer might take offense if you say hot yoga. You know, kind of like a marathoner taking offense when you tell them you ran a marathon, when in fact you walked half of a HALF marathon?? Anyway...Bikram yoga has a room temperature of at least 105. Now, in my 2 classes that I've done, the instructor always messes with the thermostat during.

Now, I am not your typical yoga person. I've always been an athletic person, so luckily for me, I didn't feel too much like a fish out of water during my first class. It's hot y'all. I am a sweater. There is no way that I could do any form of exercise and then go to work or school right after. Today, my second class I sweat WAY more. I didn't even know it was possible. But I guess you could sweat if you were trying to do this. While not falling over. With a hip cramp. I can't do it. It's my goal.

Moral of the story. I like it. I might even love it. It's a good 90 minutes all to myself. I sweat, so I feel like I'm doing something. Thankfully I have Adam's mom to be a babysitter. Good thing she kinda likes our kidlet!

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Kacie Whigham said...

Wow! That's impressive. No, I didn't get a message about shoes. Where was it sent? I'd love any advice you have!