Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bouncing Baby boy

No. No. Not kidlet #2. We still don't know what they are. I'm talking about Dylan. Anyone who has ever had a kid knows that usually the term "bouncing baby boy/ girl " is associated. But who knew that I would actually get a bouncing baby boy? I mean, Dylan has always loved to bounce. From the time I purchased his jumperoo until, well now. The kid needs a trampoline people. Is he too young still? It would really give Adam and my arms a break. Then, I suppose, I wouldn't get any arm exercise!

Since we moved here, I've seen the store front in kinda of a dilapidated strip shopping center that is titled, PUMP IT UP Jr. Well after further investigation, I just KNEW I needed to go. It's a building with nothing but blow up houses in it. But, I needed Dylan to turn one. He did. I needed Dylan to walk. He did. I needed to not be lazy. I did.

Last week we ventured the 5 minuet drive to pump it up. Let me tell you. It was the BEST $6 I have every spent on Dylan. He had such a great time. It was nice in the beginning because there weren't too many kids there, but by the end I would say it was pretty crowded. Yesterday, I met with a few women in a Mom's group at a Bounce U. It is the same thing but bigger. I actually preferred Pump it Up, because I feel like it was better for the smaller kids. In a couple of months, Bounce U will probably be better, but right now PIU is better for him.

It is something I will keep doing, because you know what? He has a lot of energy, and I liked that he took a really good nap when we got home!


Ashlee said...

What they are? Are you having twins or was that a typo?

Becca said...

We are thinking about having Carson's 2nd birthday at one of those places. He loves it too!