Thursday, April 11, 2013

Graham {18 Months}

A year and a half.  Where does time go?  Graham has turned into a little person. He has opinions, he has likes and dislikes.  He has given us a little taste of the "typical toddler."  He opens cabinets, throws himself on the floor screaming in super tantrum mode, and his is our little parrot.  That's probably the biggest difference in him and his brother, he will try to repeat anything we say.  I love hearing his little voice.  I love hearing him have conversations with his brother.

He currently is obsessed with bibs and shoes, his puppy slippers to be precise. He will throw a fit if you take them off.  He loves to swing, eat, and play.  I'd say about 85% of the time he is a happy sweet little boy. The other 15%?  Try to put him in his car seat?  A fit. Take him out of his high chair? fit. make him come inside from playing? Fit.

Lucky for him, between his fits, he is a silly goose.  Everything makes this kid laugh. Hit him on the head with a balloon, giggles.  He is a big fan of the tickle monster, giggles.  I think his head is numb.  He rarely ever cries because he hits his head.  Which he does a lot.

Like I mentioned, his verbal skills are so much more advanced than Dylan's were at this point.  He has lots of words, but trys to make me seem like a liar, because he is pretty people shy. Strangers try to get him to smile at them, and he will just stare at them.  It cracks me up, and of course he will say " hi or bye bye" as soon as they walk off.  I am amazed at how much he already knows.  He knows all the parts of his face ( ears, nose , mouth, nose head, hair), and a few body parts, belly, hands, feet.  Plus so many more random things that I try to think back on with Dylan and can't remember. Which is why I am writing this post!  To remember

He loves his brother, but is also happy to play by himself, which makes this Mama very happy.  He loves to play with stuffies still.  He will be the kid who gets a stuffed animal everywhere he goes.  He is just so sweet with them, he tries to carry multiple all the time, and his bed looks like one of those machines you can pull animals out of with a crane!  ( ok, maybe not, but if we would let him take them all, I'm sure it would look like that. 

He loves to show me his muscles, and point to airplanes, birds, and any car that is coming down the street.  Though I would say his favorite thing to do is of course swing on his new swing set.  He would literally stay all day if we let him.  Sometimes, if he is holding George, I will look and his eyes are closed.  He is either really enjoying himself and savoring it, or it puts him to sleep.  Silly boy.

He is still our long and lean child, finally broke into the twenty's for weight: weighing in at 22 lbs today!  A respectable 33 inches long.  He is wearing shorts that I'm sure Dylan could still wear, but I have passed on to him.  He is wearing 18 month shirts, and size 5 shoes, though I bet he could move to a size 6. 
Showing me his muscles!
He seems to have inherited his daddy's ears.  At his last checkup at 15 months, his doctor found a hole in his ear drum.  We treated it with antibiotics, and he closed, so we thought.  His ear has always been a little yucky.  It always has tons of wax, and sounds like there is liquid in it.  So today, we got a referral to an ENT, with the probability of tubes.  I'm not surprised by this.  I knew something wasn't right with his ear, it's been gross for way too long.  Even his good ear had fluid in it.  I guess one good thing, is even with chronic ear infections or ruptured drums, he still has yet to run a real fever, nor has he shown any sign of being in true pain.  So hopefully in a couple of weeks, we will get some final answers from an ENT. 

I can't believe my baby is closer to two than one now.  I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the coming months!

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The Links said...

Pearson is obsessed with having his shoes on too. Sometimes after bath he walks around with just shoes and a diaper on. And Pearson also loves to make a liar out of me too and NEVER say his words or do "tricks" when I want him to show off for people.