Monday, July 22, 2013

Dinner and Tournament

Last weekend, we got to let Dylan experience a first.  We went to Medieval times.  It was Erin's girlfriends birthday, so we were all invited.  Dylan was super excited, as we had told him the night before we were going to a castle.  Side note: every night almost he asked if we " are going somewhere" the next day, so we answered him.  Any who, the next morning he asked constantly when we were going, and began asking for a sword.  A red one to be exact!

After getting there early, and having to wait outside in the heat, we were glad to go in.  And low and behold, they had RED swords, right as we walked in.  We got two, of course, and it set us back $30.  Man, kids are expensive!;)  Also, Graham broke his before the show even started!

Dylan was super into it. Graham, we didn't buy a seat, so he had to sit in laps, he was fine with that, but about half way through the show, he got a little bored. He pounded some food though, the kid can eat.  Dylan would ask about bad guys and wave his flag enthusiastically when our RED Knight would come out!  He loved it.

Overall, the experience would have been more enjoyable had we gotten a sitter for Graham ( it was right during nap time as well) but I think we all had fun, and of course, Dylan has asked to go back to the "castle"several times since.

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