Monday, July 8, 2013

Long weekend

Pool Party USA 2013
Welp, it's Monday.  After a 4 day weekend for Adam.  Those a probably the worst Monday's.  We had a great holiday weekend though.  Even though I'm behind on some other posts, I thought that I would do this really quick. 

Girls at the tailgate
It started off a little rocky.  Dylan was a little sick on Wednesday, complaining of a upset tummy.  Finally that evening, he did get sick.  He woke up on Thursday fine though.  Adam and I made the executive decision to send only me to Courtney's pool party though, and he would stay at home with the boys.  This was a fine idea for me!:)  I had a great time.  Played some volleyball, got some sun, drank some beers!  After returning home, we hit up the Chinese Buffet! Nothing says America like a Chinese buffet right?  It was early and didn't know if the boys would make it for any fireworks, so we tried to go buy sparklers at the stand down the street, but they were sold out.  Adam

, got some other easy things and we went home to light up the sky.

*Parent of the year warning* After a small incident with Graham getting attacked by a Bee firecracker thing, we learned next year that the boys need to be FARTHER away than we think they should be.  Don't worry, he is fine, the burn doesn't seem to bother him at all, and we are keeping a close eye on it for infection.   We ended up putting Graham to bed because he was a crank pants, and Dylan wanted to watch fireworks.  Adam climbed on the roof, and saw that we were surrounded by them.  Every way we looked there was a show going on.  So up to the roof we went.  Dylan did great!  Mommy on the other hand was a nervous wreck.  We have a very high roof! 

Friday, Adam took the day off, and we went to KidMania in the morning, before he had a tee time for golf.  That of course took all day, so the boys and I just hung out at home, and we prepared for our Saturday festivities.

Up we go!
Saturday, we loaded up and headed to Arlington.  Erin, my sister , had come to watch the boys so that we could go tailgate with our friends, then sit and enjoy the baseball game.  Now, I hate baseball.  But since we were with a large group, I didn't actually have to watch a whole lot.  I talked a lot.  But I'll tell you, after being in the heat outside for 5 plus hours, then sitting at the game, I was exhausted.  It's amazing how much the heat takes it out of you!

We rounded out our holiday weekend playing at home.  It was a great weekend, and now I'm looking forward even more to our vacation in about a month.  Then of course Labor day weekend.  I love when Adam doesn't have to go to work!:)

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