Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splish Splash

I've known for a long time that Dylan was a water child.  But now I know that Graham is too.  One of his favorite phrases is " wimming pool?" I feel very lucky that my boys don't seem to be afraid of much of anything.  But at the same time that is a little scary!:0)

This year, we didn't so swim lessons. Mainly, because it was far away.  like a thirty minuet commute for a 30 minuet lesson.  Wasn't worth it to me this year.  Dylan became an expert with the Puddle  Jumper thank goodness.  So it was pretty easy to take them both to the pool alone.

Graham loves to sit on the steps, and throw balls and the like at me to go fetch.  He doesn't mind being dunked either, so we will probably try swim lesson's with both of them next year.  With someone closer to the house, hopefully.

We have been lucky enough to have a pretty mild summer, but that means limited pool time for my zero percent body fat boys.  Ok fine, boy.  Dylan gets soo cold so easily, that unless it is 100 degrees outside, he turns purple and starts shaking.  I wish I were kidding, but it's true.  So we haven't been to the pool as much as I would have liked ( it makes them sleep really well), we've been a hand full of times.

Daddy went with us once when I remembered my camera, so I was able to get all these pictures.  You can really see how much they love the water.  But they equally love the park, so I'm ready for some more mild temperatures, so we can start doing picnics in the park again!

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