Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hanging in there...

So we are on day 7 of Adam being gone. I've done a GREAT job keeping myself busy somehow, though I can't really say I've done much of anything. I guess it comes from getting up at 7, not getting home until about 5:30, letting the dogs outside. By the time I'm in with them and sit down it's already about 6:30. So I get dinner ready, I made a huge pot of spaghetti and some sloppy Joe's over the weekend that I've been eating, and sit down and get ready for my TV!! I have been going upstairs to get ready for bed at about 10, which is a little old lady like, but I read until about 11 or 11:30!!!

I haven't accomplished much on my list that I made last week except for:
DSW didn't want my money last week ( didn't have the shoes I wanted ) so I might try again this week.
I DID take my jeans, but the lady that alters them is out of town for 10 days!!! That's just bad timing!:)

I haven't done a whole lot around the house like I was SUPPOSED to do, but I plan on devoting Saturday to cleaning so Adam THINKS I did something!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with Janelle and Aubrey, and we're heading to shop. Hopefully I'll be able to find me a new wallet that I need to go with my purse I got for my birthday!

Adam will be home on Sunday, I can't wait. I was fine for the first few days, but it really starts to wear on me. I'm so used to spending the evening with him watching TV, and hanging out, and now all I got are the dogs. But since he's gone I have to take them out. You don't realize how important your second half is until you, yourself have to take the dogs out!!! I'm just kidding, KINDA, of course, because he does usually take the dogs out at night, but I misses his kisses ( Cheesy) and can't wait to have him home again!


Lacey said...

Where dod he go?

Lacey said...

I meant 'did'...

The Fenner's said...

He went to Bangledesh, got back yesterday!!! He was gone for 10 days!