Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy Bodies

This past Sunday was a very busy one for us. Luckily, everyone was healthy again in this house. We really probably booked ourselves for too much, seeing as it was the first day of the time change. First off, we started with the newest addition to our family getting Baptised. When Dylan was baptized, he cried ,screamed really, through the whole thing. Granted it was at like 7 PM because it was an Easter service. We knew we needed to make sure that Graham was younger, and that the service wasn't late at night. Sunday it was. Unfortunately, I had already booked us for our family pictures in the afternoon. I even had to turn down a birthday party because I knew I needed Dylan to take a good nap in order to be in a good mood for pictures.

The service went well, Graham was pretty good, anytime he got upset we just fed him, because of course, we had to wake him up to get him there. The only problem was me. I really have a hard time packing a diaper bag for two kids. I get to church and realize that I didn't bring a burp cloth. Luckily, Graham's Godmother, Becca came to the rescue. She didn't have a burp cloth either, but she had a blanket. The next was diaper changes. Graham is a pooper. Like his big brother. So we get to church and before it even starts, he stinks. We go change him. We come back, not ten minuets later, he pooped again. Problem- I had already used the diaper I had! Becca to the rescue again. Thank goodness for another new mom!

Of course, when planning all these events I didn't really think about the time change when I was agreeing to do all of these things. Dylan was not in a good mood by the end of church, mainly because to him, it was already 1 pm. Nap time is usually between noon and 1. Now, I'm going to say, on days that he doesn't get a nap, he usually doesn't act like a pill, but those days he doesn't wake up at 7:20. So he just wasn't in a picture taking mood after the service.

He fell asleep in the car, ALWAYS bad. So when we got home and he had time for a two and half hour nap, well he probably only got 45- 60 minuet nap. Needless to say, I'm not sure you all will be seeing a smiling Dylan, or Graham for that matter, in our Christmas card photo this year.

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