Monday, November 7, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I'm a little behind, but please, cut me some slack, it was a rough week last week. I'm taking you all the way back to October. Can you believe we are already a week into November? I can't.

This was the first Halloween for Dylan. Alright, not the first, but the first he got to participate in. He couldn't walk last year, and I think taking kids Trick or treating that can't walk is like teenagers not in costumes coming to my door. He went as a giraffe. Now you see I'm pretty frugal ( or cheap whatever) and I didn't want to buy him a costume that he would wear once, but luckily Becca had a costume that was too little for her guy, so we got to use it. As It turned out, he got to wear it twice too, once to school for the pumpkin patch, and once to trunk or treat.

We actually didn't even go trick or treating. We went trunk or treating.
Now many are probably thinking, what is Trunk or treating. Well it was a thing that Becca's parents church put on. Cars lined up, with their trunks decorated in variouss themes and handed out candy. It was really a great idea. Dylan was a little shy at first, probably because he can't say trick or treat, but he quickly got the hang of it and would lift his basket for people to put candy in. He was even being environmentally friendly and picking candy and empty wrappers off the ground and putting them in his basket!

Overall, I would say he was successful in his first Halloween. He doesn't even seem to be afraid of the "scary decor" that comes with the holiday. The one bad thing about it though, is that he can't really eat many of the different types of candy, you know, snickers and things. So what does that mean? Mom has too!:)

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