Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sophisticated Palate

Well just like I said Dylan would be a shoe salesman, because of his love of shoes. I'm pretty sure Graham will be a food critic. Now as most of you know, no matter how many Fenugreek pills I take , currently 9 a day, no matter how much I pump, currently at least 15 min after every feeding, no matter how great his latch is my body does not produce enough milk to keep my little boy happy. We like to think it's my payback for having great pregnancy's. No morning sickness? Well, no milk either! So from about day 5 we have been supplementing with formula.

We started out with Similac Advance, because I got a huge sample in the mail, then we switched to Enfamil Newborn becuase I got 8 cans from my pediatrician. After about 3 cans of that, we switched to Similac Sensitive because I had a can of that, the enfamil was making him really gassy. My plan was to switch to Enfamil Gentlease after the Sensitive was gone, because well, that's what Dylan used, and you can get a generic super cheap at Sam's. Sunday evening we ran out of the Similac. We made the switch. Well, lets just say, at 9:30 PM, I was in the car on my way to Walmart to get some Similac. The child flipped out. He refused to drink it, and screamed bloody murder once it was in his mouth.

Last night Adam made him a bottle, he ate a little then refused it again. Daddy was getting his feelings hurt because he wouldn't eat from him. A few minuets later Adam realized that he had made the Enfamil. Graham has a picky palate. He also already has expensive taste!!

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