Friday, November 11, 2011

Graham- {ONE MONTH}

My My My how quickly a month goes by. I can't believe my baby is already over a month old, I'm a little late as usual. I asked Adam the other day if this was as fast as time was going to go for the rest of our lives. My boys will be getting married before I know it. Yes, I will cry. I am that mom.

Having two kids under the age of two is hard. Anyone who says that it is peaches and rainbows is a liar. Dylan is a great kid. He plays independently, he is sweet, rarely throws tantrums, and listens as well as a two year old does, but he is still hard to manage while dealing with Graham. luckily, we've gotten into kind of a rhythm. My key is to just keep Dylan entertained. That sometimes includes letting Dylan, "help" with Graham.

Graham has been a great addition to this family. His brother loves him, but of course has shown some jealousy. Mostly when I'm nursing and he needs something that I can't get up to give him. But he is full of kisses and hugs for Graham. He will bring me his paci, and hand me his bottle. He is a great little helper. I know he wants to know why he won't play with him, and just sleeps all the time.

One Month Highlights:
-Probably weighs around 9 lbs.
-Size 1 Diapers
-Newborn sleepers and onesies
-Has been hit in the head with a "D" sized battery( Might have been an accident), a tennis ball( Accident) and Dylan's hand numerous times. He is going to be one tough kid. Though Dylan better watch out, chances are Graham is going to be bulkier than him!
-Eats all. the. time. He will give us one long stretch at night, like 7:30- 1:30, but then is up again at 3, 5 and 7. It's really annoying. I know it's just because he doesn't finish his bottle because he falls asleep.
-He is no longer swaddled. We stopped a few nights ago and it's been going well.
-LOVES baths.
-Is so gassy. We are trying everything. Poor guy, I hope it gets better for him soon.
-Actually like tummy time.
-Have incredible head strength already. Love to stand on our laps, you will be walking before I know it.
- Fountain pee-er. Like the comical, over his head, in his mouth pee-er.

Need more Graham?

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