Monday, January 9, 2012

Graham {3 Months}

My tiniest man is a whole three months old. I remember with Dylan it seemed like it took forever to get to this point. Graham has skipped a few months I feel like. He has become much more of a "scheduled" baby this month. He takes three naps, a REALLY long one(3-4 hours) in the afternoon, and two shorter ones that are about an hour each. He has really started to show his personality. He is an observer. He will stare at me for a while, then crack a smile. I'm pretty sure he is already addicted to Mickey Mouse, and he loves to sing the itsy bitsy spider. I got my first giggle while making him do the hand motions!
The biggest achievement is sleep this month. The Friday before Christmas we decided to move him to his crib and do " operation- sleep in crib." We chose this day because Adam would be home with us for 4 days, so that we could take naps during the day. You see, Graham had been only sleeping in the swing. When I would put him down for a nap in his crib he would only sleep for an hour. Still does. I thought for sure we would be up every hour to calm him down and get back to sleep. Boy was I wrong. We put him down at 8, he slept until 2:30. It was his longest stretch ever. He loved his room. Over the last few weeks it's only gotten better. We even got an 11.5 hour stretch, though that did include a dream feed. We still have to feed him at night because the little booger refuses to eat during the day. He seems to only like to eat if he is swaddled. I think it's because he wants to eat his fingers. He likes to nom on his fingers . They are almost always in his mouth. He also prefers to eat standing up, I guess he likes the view.He is a mover, you put him down, he is flapping his arms, kicking his legs, even swaddled he can get himself moved all the way to the bottom of the crib.
If you remember, last month I mentioned that his pediatrician found a heart murmur and we had to visit the cardiologist. Well, as expected everything is fine, and it's something that he will grow out of in the next few months. So thank you to everyone who sent me messages about it. We successfully got him off of Similac and onto a much cheaper generic brand. That was Adam and I's biggest accomplishment this month. I can't wait until Graham is old enough to play with Dylan and Adam. Dylan wants him to play so badly, I just want to see them interact with each other, though I know there will be fights, I'm pretty sure they will be the best of friends.

Three Month Stats:

Weight ( Dec. 28)- 12 lbs 8 oz
Length- (Dec 28) 24.5 Inches ( Which I think was wrong because that means in a month he grew 1.5 inches?)
Size 1 Diapers
3 Month onesies and sleepers
Rolling over
Smiling all the time
"Half Laughing"

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