Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm sure you have read a million and one 2012 Resolutions. But I thought that I would throw some of mine out there. Yes, I probably won't stick to them after about a month or so, but I don't think they are too lofty if I actually want to stick to it.

1. Lose weight: I might have been in my pre-pregnancy jeans after two weeks, but I can guarantee you, I'm about 20 lbs from where I was when I got pregnant!

2. Run: Complete Couch25K again. It worked once, maybe it'll work again.

3. Play soccer: Becca and I are going to a soccer practice this week for a women's team. I have not touched a ball in... oh, 8 years. It could get ugly.

4. Organize: MY house needs organizing in a major way. I'm starting with the pantry.

5. Projects: Personalize the house. I'm trying to talk Adam into hardwood floors in the formals. He blames Pinterest.

6. Read: I need to get back into reading. Once the boys go down, we try to catch up on TV, maybe a book wouldn't hurt!

7. Clean :Keep a tidier house: One where if someone where to stop by unannounced I wouldn't freak out and not let them in. That might not sound hard, but that means I'll be picking up toys like 1000 times a day!

8. Me Time: Take some more time for me. I got my hair cut, like once last year. Maybe I'll strive for twice this year!:) I also need to go have my eyes checked and get new glasses and contacts!

9. Save Money: Make a weekly menu and go grocery shopping with Adam on Sundays, less eating out. Go through cookbooks for more meal ideals.

10. Baby Food: I want to make Graham's baby food. I did a good job of it with Dylan, but once he got to the meats I gave up. It was WAY to hard to get the right consistency, so I just gave up. I hope to do a better job with Graham's food.


The Yartym's said...

I just never fed Paige meats. It was too much for me to handle! You're braver than me!!

Brenda said...

Sweetheart, your days of a clean house are over! As soon as you pick up one room the boys will have hit another room. And after they have left the nest----the grandkids hit it! Life only gets better and better now. Enjoy!