Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well said.

Dylan is delayed in speech. I won't lie, exaggerate, or make up things that he says. Maybe I'm a little harsh on him, but when other parents say their kids are saying words, then I hear the word, it just doesn't sound like it. I don't count words until other people can understand what he is saying. I'm not embarrassed, or concerned. We have been seeing a speech therapist once a week for several months now, maybe 10. I am getting him the help he needs. All of his words begin with D. Duice(Juice), Dhoes ( shoes),docks( socks) Doooouun ( Down) Doo( Dog) Daddy. Dye Dye. You get the picture. We have been working with him on using more consonants, because well, not all words start with D. He has made some great progress, and my favorite new word of his is Bubba. I figured brother was too hard to say, so I call Graham is little Bubba. So here you have it. My child saying a word that doesn't start with D. Turn up the volume. It's adorable!


The Links said...

Awwww what a sweet little voice!!

Preemie Donna said...

Bella's is delayed in her speech but keep it up on the therapy it does work, Bella has been in it since we brought her home at 5 months. Her new therapist is really good. For her it is funny it is the words that seem like they would be relly hard that she says best. For months she called hersef Dewa. Then it was BBBella now it is Bella.