Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree...

Another Christmas has come and gone. This year, Dylan was another year older, yet still didn't really understand the concept of Christmas. He wasn't really interested in unwrapping gifts, as much as opening the toy that was wrapped. He would say, "WoW" for everything, then want to open it. Being the mean mommy I am, we let him open very little. You might remember that I like to spread the gifts out as to let him be amazed with each new toy, instead of being overwhelmed with a ton in December. So now his playroom closet is chalk full of new toys to break out over the next 12 months!:)

This year was special because we got to spend Christmas with Aunt Laura. She got to spend some time with both of her nephews and get to know them. We also spent time with Aunt Erin, and Great Grandma Lou and Richard. Christmas eve was spent opening all the gifts at Adam's parents house, followed by going home to meet Aunt Erin who came for the night. We ate Indian Food and watched Forest Gump on TV. A new tradition? Christmas morning, both the boys slept in ( thank goodness they don't understand yet, no 5 Am wake up calls for us) Adam went to get Dylan and down stairs awaiting a Easel for him,from Aunt Erin, as well as a toolbox of tools from us. We don't buy him much, since he has grandparents who like to buy him lots of things. He will probably always get necessities from us, and the "fun stuff" from grandparents.
After gifts, an Ipad, jewelry, and massage gift card for me, underwear and float session for Adam( I really failed this year with gift giving), we headed on over to his parents again for a Christmas feast, stockings from Santa, and football. It was a couple of long days and nights for my kids, but I am happy to say, they both did so great. Dylan didn't have any tantrums, despite being up past 10 a couple of times. Graham, as long as he was fed, he was happy. As many people have commented. We are so very fortunate to have children that can adapt to any situation. If Dylan doesn't get a nap, well he doesn't get a nap. I'm sure most days he wishes he didn't have to nap. If Graham has to sleep in the car, well then he will. I hope that their easy going personalities continue on past toddler hood. Fingers Crossed.

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