Monday, October 28, 2013

20 down

I'm twenty weeks pregnant.  How did this happen?  I mean, I know how it happened, but I can't believe I'm half way done with what will be my last pregnancy.  It really has been a great one yet again.  My doctor was surprised this was my last since I have such an easy time with being pregnant.  I guess he forgot that you also have to feed, and you know, take care of the kids you have! 

I thought that I would do the little questioner thing that floats around the Internet for my half way point.  I stole this particular one from Katy.

how far along? 20 weeks

how are you measuring? baby is measuring right at 20 weeks.
size of baby? 3/4 lb
heartbeat? not a clue.  He never tells me.
total weight gain/loss?  8 lbs 
maternity clothes? Yes! That's all I've been wearing for a few weeks now!
stretch marks? No new ones... I'm hoping I don't get any new ones!
sleep?  Pretty good.  I usually get up to pee like once, every couple of says
best moment this week?  Um, High school reunion, and seeing baby!
movement? Yes! It is still my favorite part of being pregnant.  I'm going to miss it!
food cravings?   no real cravings.  I just like to eat food!
what i miss?  I actually miss playing soccer.  I went to a game last week to watch my team, and it made me a little sad that I couldn't be out there!

what I'm looking forward to? Finding out what this baby is!
how are you feeling?  Great.  I got the head cold that all my boys have had, and I lost my voice almost completely at my reunion but other than that, doing great!
comparisons to last pregnancy? honestly, all my pregnancies have been the same.  I wouldn't know I was even pregnant if it weren't for the growing belly, and the little wiggle worm that is in there! 


The Links said...

When do you find out the sex?????

Casey said...

I can't believe you are halfway there already too. I thought about that after your appt last week! You look great, loved that outfit and I am jealous of your relatively symptom free pregnancies!