Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dino- Mite

As a busy birthday week comes to a close, I can say that we have all almost caught up on all of our sleep.  It was a busy, fun filled weekend, and start to the week as we celebrated Graham's second birthday! Graham celebrated his actual birthday with sleeping until 9 am.  I think he was tired from all his activity!

My little Graham is into so many things this year, I could have gone so  many directions for his second birthday party.  But Costco was really the deciding factor.  They had a dino sheet cake.  Done.  Now in years past, you might remember I usually pay an exorbitant a cake.  This year, I decided that a $20 cake was probably just as good, if not better than a $120 one.  I was right.

A few months ago, I decided dinosaurs would be the theme.  It was easy, cheap and well, Graham had a blast.  I purchased some goodies from Oriental trading for goodie bags and décor, and I was just about done.  I took an idea off of pinterest to have dino footprints in our entry, which I think I forgot to take a picture of.  We had a sandwich "bar" if you will, lots of cold cuts, a couple different breads, cheese, and sauce.  Along with fruit and dip, chips, and veggies with ranch dip.  I ordered a chocolate cake, so I made some vanilla cupcakes to go along with it.  I'll have to post that recipe, I must say, they were a hit! 

A week before the party, I checked the weather and it was supposed to be gorgeous, so I ordered a bounce house. It was supposed to be a dinosaur, but it was clear as day a dragon.  It even said it on the front:)  As the day grew closer, it was getting colder and wetter.  Though the rain was supposed to hold off until the party was over.  But alas, it was misting, and pretty chilly.  Luckily the mist stopped, and most people brought jackets, because with 12 kiddos, my house was crowded, and I'm glad everyone got to partake in the bounce house.  It was a BLAST for them.

Graham was gifted with lots of new and cool toys, amazingly this year yet again, not duplicates or repeats of years past. Against my better judgment, almost all have been opened already, because he was so excited to play with them all. 

It was a great party, all of his friends were there, plus some of ours!  He doesn't know it yet, but he is so lucky that he has so many people in his life that love him, and want to celebrate his birthday from near and far!

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