Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hip Hop

I'm running a little behind on the ol' blog, but I'm going to try to post a few posts throughout the weekend!

This Easter was a great one.  The boys were old enough to both get into the egg hunts, which was good because they had lots of them!  Dylan had been asking me for weeks to not forget the carrots to set out for the bunny.  Which of course I did.  It wasn't until about the Thursday before Easter that the boys wouldn't even be waking up at our house on Sunday, so I lucked out.  Especially because I was going to have to hide eggs in our yard like the bunny does.

Adam and I had a social function for his work, so the boys were spending the night with Grandma and Papa.  Tessa isn't sleeping enough that they wanted to keep her as well, so we swung by on our way home to get her.  Lucky for me, she couldn't have cared any less about the Easter Bunny, or what eggs he did or didn't bring.

We met up with the boys and Adam's parents at Church that morning, after the service the church always hosts an egg hunt for the kiddos' and brunch for the adults ( and kids too I guess, if they MUST eat!)  It was a toss up of letting Dylan move up to the bigger kids hunt, instead of being one of the oldest in the little kids, but we decided to keep them together. Dylan grabbed tons of eggs, of course.  I was a little surprised at Graham.  He was far too interested in opening the three that he grabbed right off the bat then picking up any more.  They shared, it's what brothers do.  I'm pretty sure Graham didn't eat anything but Sunbursts and Now and Laters that day.  He figured out how to open them himself, so he would just dig through the bucket and find something he wanted and open it himself.  Thinking about it now, I should have taken the bucket away sooner than I did!

After eating and feeding Tessa, the boys were more than ready to get home to see what the bunny had brought them on his stop at home.  This year, I didn't do much fun stuff for them, just kind of things that I had been wanting to get them.  Honestly, I thought the Spider-Man hats would have been a bigger hit than they were, neither are interested in them much.  Oh well.

We had a great Easter, and Dylan tells me every time that he sees a whole where a bunny can fit in our fence that that is where the Easter Bunny got in.  He has already started talking about how Santa fits down the chimney, so I'm sure that will be fun to explain in December!

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