Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tessa { Two months}

Well another month has flown by.  Surprise, surprise!  I can't believe it.  Time is going to quickly.  Tessa has been such a perfect addition to this family.  Little Miss celebrated her first Easter this month.  No eggs for her, but she was happy to just sit and watch her big brothers do all the work.  She was learning for next year of course.  Tessa continues to be a great sleeper.  Shortly after turning one month, she gave us a nine hour stretch.  I got excited but it seems that it was just a fluke.  She is still regularly giving us 7 hours stretches, from about 8pm to 3 or 4am.

This month Tessa also had her first sleep over.  She went to spend the night with my sister.  She did great, it was interesting having to load the swing up though!  She is still in the swing, there is no motion, but she still doesn't like to sleep flat.  Closer to the two month mark, I started trying to get her to nap in her crib.  I would only get abut 30 min out of her, and by about 5 she would be so exhausted she would just cry.  So I've started doing her morning naps in the crib, and then letting her take her long one at the same time as the boys so that I have some down time.

She also hasn't ever really liked to do tummy time.  She would lift her head great if she was on our chests, but the second she was on the mat or floor, she would just face plant.  She has started to not hate tummy time so bad now, still isn't a huge fan, but I can get about 5 min out of her before she gets too mad at me!

Baby girl loves baths, and when he brothers lay next to her and talk to her, or put her paci in her mouth.  This month also brought smiles.  I just can't get enough of little gummy baby smiles.  She rarely smiles with her mouth closed, it's usually a very open wide smile.  The best.

She is still a peanut.  She eats a lot, and has outgrown newborn cloths and diapers.  She is long, but a lightweight just like her brothers.  Though she might have started out the biggest, her two month appointment showed she is now the smallest, weighting in at the least at two month appointments.

She is just a joy to have around, a happy baby, and easy going.  Which is good, because like I will probably say every time, she has no choice but to be an easy going baby.  Too much going on around her to be picky!:)

Two months stats:

size 1 diapers
0-3 month clothes
9 lbs 10 oz ( 11 %)
22.5 inches long ( 50%)