Friday, May 9, 2014

Trophy Time

Well, Dylan finished up his first ever soccer season.  I only missed one game, which I'm pretty proud of.  It was the one that happened to be the day his baby sister was born.  I couldn't help it!;)  I was so proud of him getting out there and playing.  There were a few games where he just wasn't feeling it.  He was a little spoiled by scoring a goal in the first game, then one in the game that I missed, so he thought he got to score every game , which is obviously not the case.  I've played soccer for a long time, and I think i can count goals I've scored on one hand! Anyway, we wrapped up the end of his season with a very large cheering section from his family.  His Great Grandparents, his Grandparents, Adam's Aunt and Uncle, and of course, Graham, Adam, Tessa and me.  We cheered, he ran up and down, he wanted to know what was for the after game snack.  You know, typical 4 year old soccer.

Since it was the last game and I, they got their trophies.  Now, the trophy that I was picturing isn't what he got, but he loves it none the less and he and graham play with it almost on a a daily basis.  So I guess he liked it.  I thought he'd be a little more pumped though!

I'm glad that he got to play, but I'm thinking next year we are going to move him back into the Wylie league since he will be old enough.  It's much closer, like a 5 min drive instead of a 35 min drive!  He is already asking when his baseball games start, so I guess I should look into a baseball team soon!

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