Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fat Pants...

Sadly, I'm already to the point where I need them. All I have to say is that Maternity pants are AMAZING, and I might not ever go back to a button and a zipper! The jeans even come in Petits, so I didn't have to have them altered. Last week, the # 1 thing on my mom and I's to-do list was get some maternity pants, and check out the crib that we wanted( which of course we found a new one we liked, but I think that we are going with the one we originally went to look at). So off to the mall we went, where I got a pair of jeans, shorts, dress and a top. I'm telling you, they are amazing. Then this week Adam, me and my mother-in-law were going shopping mfor ADAM, and we came across a store called Pickles and Ice Cream, of course it was maternity, so we just HAD to stop in there, where I got 4 dresses another top and another pair of shorts. They have very cute stuff, and a website... Anywho.

Adam is making some progress on getting a job, so we will hopefully * cross your fingers* start looking at some houses in the next week or so. We did get an offer on our house in PA, though it was for a measly 300K, which of course we did not accept, so hopefully we get some more rolling in, since we just lowered the price. Cross your fingers for us!!!

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