Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OH BOY! We've been busy!

Well for those of you who don't know. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! It's in Murphy, just east of Plano, and we hope to be in by the first week in July. It's a brand new build, which isn't even actaully done yet, but should be this week, they just had some final things to do. Like put the skirt on my new JACUZZI tub!!! And also hang some blinds, and finish the back patio that we requested with our offer. It's nice buying a new home from a builder, you can get them to do stuff like that!! We are very excited, and so the next step is getting to PA to meet with a mover, so we have stuff to put into our new place! Though new furniture will need to be purchased, becuase this hosue is more than twice the size of the one in PA! Gotta love TX real estate prices! I hope to have some picture by Friday on here, I have some but can't seem to transfer them to the computer becuase the cord isn't working!!!

In other news, today was our Dr. Appointment with the new dr here. He was great, really nice, sat us down to talk to us, and was awesome. We were hoping that he would do an ultra sound so that we could maybe get a glipse of the sex, and well... HE DID!!!!!!!!!

Let's just say, our SON, is not a shy little boy. There was no doubt about it. We're having a little boy! It was an amazing experience to see the look on Adam's face. He was so proud of himself, for creating a boy. I once made the mistake of telling him that the man is 100 % responsible for the sex, which is true, but still. He was so excited, when we were walking out of the office, it ran right into a tree! But don't tell him I said that! So now I have to start thinking about little boy things!!! As well as getting into our new home... I've got a nursery to create!!!


The Yartym's said...

A boy!!! Congratulations to you! and congratulations on the new house!!!

Lacey said...

SOOO exciting!!! You and Becca can start a football team :)