Sunday, December 6, 2009

How it happened!!!

Thanks to the My Little Lamb Swing, I can sit here and start to write how Dylan entered the world. Without the " Too much info" details of course!

So here it goes!!

It started on Tuesday night. I had been having a few mild contractions, nothing to write home about, seeing as I had been having them for weeks. Adam and I had gone on about our business of watching Tv, eating dinner ( Chinese) and heading to bed. At about midnight, I started having " period like cramps" I thought, I've never really gotten them, so I wasn't sure. My belly wasn't hardening like I thought that it would so I just kinda lived through it. Then I noticed that they were pretty frequent so I started timing them. 10 min. That's 5 too many to warrant a call to the Dr. Or so I had read. The contractions went on at 10 min apart forever. It's amazing how fast time goes by when you are looking at a clock ALL THE TIME! haha, then around 2:30 or 3, I decided that I was in quite a bit of pain, but STILL the contractions were only 10 min apart! By this point I had decided we needed to go to the hospital, knowing full well we would probably get sent home,so I decided that I would take a shower to relieve some of the pain. IT WORKED! So I told Adam we didn't need to go just yet, so he went back to sleep! They died down enough for me to get like a 20 min power nap! Then I woke up in pain again. About 4:15 Adam rolled over and asked how I was doing, but the answer wasn't a good one. I was still in pain, every 10 min I remind you, so I told him to get up! As I was finishing packing a few things, and getting dressed he went an made some breakfast and then we headed out!

We get to the hospital, and the whole time I am telling Adam we are going to be sent home because my contractions are not the 5 min apart most Dr. look for. They were still 10. So I get the L&D, and they ask if I'm a "Scheduled Section" and my answer was like " Nope, I'm a surprise and I HOPE I'm in labor" So they take me back to get me checked. So here is the moment of truth. The nurse says..." Were you planing on getting an epidural?" Me " UMMM YES!" Her..." OHHHH, if we make it that far, your already 8 cm, maybe 9" " Oh Good God " ( Or something very similar) She quickly calls the IV lady and the anesthesiologist. The IV lady comes in, and does her business * Side note* I have never had an IV before, or even been in a hospital for that matter, so when I was joking through the whole thing, then told her " I didn't feel a damn thing" she was very impressed!

Then the Epidural lady comes in. Even though they hadn't gotten my blood work back or given me a whole bag of fluid, she gave me the thing, because well I wouldn't have gotten it had she not. Let me tell you, that epidural is the strangest thing EVER. It felt really strange to have a needle grinding your spinal column, then to feel your legs go numb, but I would get it again in a heartbeat. It was amazing, and again, I kept joking about how heavy my legs were, the nurse thought it was funny! So then my Dr. gets there and I am at "9 almost 10 cm" But they wanted me to wait to push, so Dr. went and had some breakfast, and then we looked at the snow that had covered Frisco, and watched " bringing home baby" I thought it was a perfect show to watch while pushing!!!

At 8 AM, I'm ready to push. So well you know, I push. I had heard such horror stories about how hard it was and everything, but I'll tell you, you don't really think about it. I even asked if it was possible to blow my eyes out, because they make you push for 10 seconds without breathing. And my EYES were what I worried about. I didn't count how many times I pushed with the nurse but I think it was MAYBE 5 or 6, then the Dr. came in. I gave him what good push, then Dylan was out at 8:23 AM. It was the most amazing feeling, seeing Adam see his son enter the world. I would do it over and over again just to see his face.

So there you have it, a quick easy, labor and delivery story. The nurses were amazed that I came in at 8 cm, thinking I was going to get sent home, and they even placed a bet that I would deliver before some other lady who had been induced the day before would. Though I am not sure the outcome of that! Recovery has been great as well. 2 nights in the hospital, both of which we sent Dylan to the nursery. Nursing is going well, every 2-3 hours round the clock! Luckily I have a FANTASTIC husband, who lets me sleep during the day, and has " man time" with Dylan! I think that's everything. Any questions? I'll answer them if I can. I will tell you though, being a Mommy, though I have only done so for 4 days, makes for a hard job, but let me tell you, seeing those eyes look at me when I talk to him, there is nothing in the world like it. Also, watching someone you THOUGHT you loved as much as you could with their child. WOW, makes you fall in love all over again.


The Yartym's said...

Wonderful story! So impressed with you and Dylan is just beautiful.

The Apiary said...

So glad you are all doing well. Wow 19 inches he is almost as long as Bella now at 9 months. Granted she was only 10 inches at birth. LOL. Dylan is so precious.