Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My new toy!

I mentioned in my last "real" post about my new toy I got for Christmas! Well, I know you all were on the end of your seats to know what it is, well, maybe not, but oh well I'll tell you anyway! I got a new camera lens. I got a new digital camera last year for Christmas, and hadn't really thought about getting a new cool lens to go with it, so I got the kit lens which was great. But now that Dylan is here, I wanted to try to get a little more creative with my pictures, so I started looking into upgrading my lens. So what I got is a 50mm 1.4 lens. It's cool because it allows to have blurred backgrounds.It's main purpose is a " portrait" lens, so hopefully I'll be getting some good ones of the little man! I still need to practice a lot with it, like focusing the correct area of the picture in all, but here are some that I have taken!

I am still trying to remember everything about my photography days, so I can start trying to shoot in manual more.

These are all straight out of the camera shots, which no editing...
though some of them could probably use some editing!:) lol, the shoe is a Christmas ornament:)


Court's Blog said...

I am inspired. I need a new camera stat! Love the pics!

Becca said...

Hey I read your blog and love it! haha...Your pictures look great and keep them coming. Since I don't live in Dallas I need to see little Dylan grow.