Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life as we know it!

Adam and I couldn't be enjoying our newest addition anymore than we are. He is such a good baby, granted he is only a week and a half old, and things could change REALLY quickly, but he's been great. We are still getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, because he gets up, I feed him, change him, then put him back down, by then he's usually already asleep. If he is awake, he just stares. He doesn't fuss when he is awake, he just stares at us and makes funny faces.
He has finally gotten going on the peeing on us thing. It took him a few days to get some distance, and he didn't really even pee during a diaper change until like Monday. Now every. single. diaper. change he will pee. We've gotten some on the bed, all over his pack-n-play, and well all over himself. Adam and I have managed to dodge that so far. Well, I'll be honest, I hardly EVER change diapers. I always hand him off to daddy, go do that!

We had his first pediatrician appointment Wednesday morning, it went great. He has gained an ounce since we came home, putting him at 6lbs 9 ounces. Such a big boy, but he is going to have his daddy's legs and arms, because they are so skinny. Today we put some 0-3 month pants on him, and well, we could have put another baby in them, they are HUGE on him!

We love being parents, we had a two bad nights, the first one, where Dylan wouldn't sleep unless someone was holding him, which was alright, because I have a reclining rocker, which is nice because we just held him and slept in the chair. It was a great investment. The second night was hell also, because he just screamed and screamed and screamed, and I had no idea why... It was rough. Being parents is hard. There is no question about that. I couldn't imagine doing it without Adam. It's very tiring, but Adam will watch him during the day so that I can take a nap, I haven't gone a day without taking a shower, and well Adam feeds me, so he is a huge help, and watching him with our son, just melts my heart every. single. day. I love ALL of my boys!


Murray Family said...

love love love all the pictures! he is so cute! I am a little scared myself about the whole peeing thing... I am sure there is a trick, but I don't know anything about boys and well... lack of a better word pee-pee's! lol... if you figure out how to avoid it, let me know!!! lol I am gald to hear you guys are doing well!

The Apiary said...

not sure on boys I know youa re suppose to face it down in the diaper so he does not get pee-pee all over the frong of his cloths. That is great just wait till he gets baby food Bella went from 7 hours to 8 hours and sometimes 9 hours with just one jar of baby food a day.