Monday, January 4, 2010


Wow. ONE month. Time sure does fly! Dylan turned one month old on Saturday. He's getting to be such a big boy! So much has changed in that one month!

I have learned soooo much about him, and from him!
- He is awake much more during the day
- Luckily, he still sleeps well. Sleeps all evening, up around midnight, then up again at 4 or 5, then up at 9. Such a good boy lets Mommy and Daddy sleep till 9:)
- He loves baths, when he is in them, that is.
- Any type of movement will put him to sleep.
- He loves tummy time, as long as it is on someones chest.
- He is starting to see more things, you can see him keep his eyes on stuff. He REALLY likes overhead lights. He'll stare at them forever!
- He loves to be swaddled by Daddy. Mommy doesn't do it good enough, he always gets out of it!

Things he has taught me:

- My house is never clean, but a crying baby is much more important
- Eating is good, I don't do enough of it!
- To take naps, they are wonderful!

I can't believe over a month ago, he was born. Some days it feels like he's been here forever, and others, well it's still surreal. He got to meet lots of new people this past week. Lot's of " Uncles" if you will. Though not really his uncles, these guys have been a part of Adam and I's life for a while now. He got to meet- Noah, Andrew, and Josh. Oh and he got to meet a new friend Carson, two of them actually. Baby Carson, along with Momma Becca and Toddler Carson. It's been a great start to the new year so far, it's hard to remember to write 2010 on stuff, but thankfully I don't have to do it much!

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Lacey said...

Omigosh, Lindsey, he is precious!