Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big things...

Big things have been happening in our house this past week! I know that I said a few weeks ago that we were going to start putting Dylan in his crib to sleep. But you know, procrastination set in and we never got around to doing the things we needed to in order for him to sleep up there. I still hadn't washed his bedding, we had to move the monitor, as well as move the glider back up the stairs!:) But we FINALLY did it. So Friday night was his first night to " sleep in his big boy bed" as I called it. He did no better, but no worse than when he was in the pack and play. He still gets up every 3 hours to eat, but then goes right back to sleep after a good burp!

We also learned that having him in the crib, and being able to see what he is doing from our bed was well worth the money spent on the video monitor. It's great to see if he is asleep when making noise or if he is waking up! Also it's funny to see him move. This boy likes to move. I'm talking doing 360's in the crib! Little Wiggle worm!

My big news is that on Tuesday we went to dinner, and I tried on some of my pre- pregnancy jeans, and well... wouldn't you know... THEY FIT!!!! I was also able to get both my wedding rings on. When I was pregnant, I had to take off my engagement ring oh I don't know, somewhere around 25 weeks or so, then I finally had to lose my wedding band at about 38 weeks, so it was exciting to be able to get them both back on!:) And I really have only worked out like 5 times doing some exercise TV shows on demand! Though we have gone on a few walks and I can't wait to get a jogging stroller ( Dylan isn't big enough for one yet... silly boy can't hold his head up!) so that we can go on some jogs to see if I can't get some more weight off!:)

Dylan is two month on Wednesday... god, time is flying by!

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