Monday, January 25, 2010

Mommy Switch

Adam brought it to my attention yesterday that I have " Mommy hearing" now. Most days, Adam will take Dylan for a little bit of time so that I can do whatever it is that I want. Usually it's a nap:0) When he takes him, they usually go and play video games. Yes, Adam is already embedding the video game playing into our son! But hey, I'm not going to complain because I get to take a nap! So yesterday was a pretty rough day for us. Dylan wouldn't be happy unless he was being held, and well, he gets heavy! So Adam takes him and I'm down on the couch, asleep, and I hear my baby SCREAMING! I wake up and lay there, shortly after Adam comes down the stairs to get a bottle, and he is like " could you hear that?" " Yeah, it's what woke me up" " Wow, you must have some super Mommy switch now that wakes you up the second he starts crying." " Well, yeah I guess so!" That's the conversation that took place.

I guess I didn't realize it but yeah, the second I hear him make a peep, ( usually grunting) I'm awake! Oh well, in 18 years I can sleep well again!!!

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Murray Family said...

I understand! But I hear my kids crying even when they are not, if I am in a quiet room or in the shower I can hear the baby/kids crying but when I step out to check they are sound alseep, it is like phantom crying... it's creepy and it's never gone away...