Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where do they go?

My days. They seem to just slip by so fast. Did you know that when babies get older they like to take shorter naps, and are awake longer, therefore allowing me to get less and less done? I guess I knew that, but still!! We are still hanging in there. Not much has happened since my last post. I've worked out a few days ( I still hate to do it) we've gone on a few walks since it was like 70 here this past week. Adam and I went out to dinner last night, thanks for Aunt Erin for wanting to come and baby sit:)

Dylan update:

It was a big day in the Fenner house on Thursday. I put pants on Dylan and then picked him up and THEY DIDN'T FALL OFF. He's getting so big. We weighed him with our " at home baby weigh er" ( a kitchen scale with a decorative bowl on top of it!!) and he weighed in at 9 lbs!!! Chunky Monkey.

He is holding his head up a lot more now. He can only do it for about a min or two before you can tell it starts to weigh 10 pounds. Then he slams it into our chests or shoulders or wherever it might fall!
He liked to hang out in just his diaper.

He likes to be held looking out. He is starting to look around and not just stare at the wall, so he gets frustrated when he has nothing to look at.

He is going to have a little temper. When we are giving him a bottle and take it away to burp him, he lets out the cutest, most annoyed whine, a person will ever hear. haha, we figured he would have gotten the routine down by now, but apparently not!!

We've gotten a few smiles out of him, they don't come on a regular basis, but in the mornings is our best shot

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The Apiary said...

Look at that little man, isn't it wonderful to see them turn into there own little person.. I know about the size Bella went last week to have lab work done and the tech thought the dr's office had put the wrong date done. They thought she was 3 months not 10 months.. LOL..