Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend wrap up...

Wow, I can't remember the last time that we had such a busy weekend. We are normally, stay at home, never get out of pj's on the weekend kinda people. Not this weekend.

Friday night, Adam fulfilled his " Date Night" coupon, that I got for Christmas. He kept everything a surprise, and it was nice to get out of the house without the little man. Though, he has such a great track record with restaurants, we could have taken him:) The evening started off with a scrumptious dinner at Trulucks, a crab place, that neither one of us had been too. It was great. I highly recommend the crab cake, there were absolutely no fillers, it was straight crab. Anyway, then we followed up the evening with a trip to the IMAX. We saw Avatar in 3D. Now, I haven't ever seen a 3D movie, and the only one Adam had ever seen was that stupid My Bloody Valentine! I must say. It was A- Freaking- MAZING. It's wild how much 3d can change the experience of a movie, I don't know how good I would have thought that it was without it!

Then Saturday, we did something that we hardly ever do. We did different things!:) In the nine years that Adam and I have been together, it would be a very rare occasion that you would ever find us out doing different things. I guess it's good that we have common interests, and that we like being together. But anyway, Megan had invited me to a girls night that she was having earlier in the week, so that was my plan. So I was leaving Daddy home with Dylan. Well, once Adam thought about it, turns out he made plans to go over to Colter's. I can't say I wasn't a little sad, because well, he always leaves, so this was my chance. But it worked out well. Aunt Erin got to baby sit he most handsome nephew! She had come over earlier in the day, and well, we roped her into staying to watch him! All we had to say was media room with 104 Inch projection of the game, and she was game!;) He was once again a little angel and well they watched the game together.

Girls night was fun, good food, catchphrase, and football. Very rarely would you hear about a girls night where watching football was the #1 priority, but I guess that's why I had fun, and of course, THE COWBOYS WON!!!

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