Sunday, November 7, 2010

ONE more month

11 Months( a little late). One month until my baby isn't a BABY any more. He'll be a toddler, one who doesn't toddle, but you know. This month was a busy month, that literally just flew right on by. It's been a big month. Dylan has really been showing us how much trouble we are going to be in when it is walking and talking. He has such a big personality. He's go, go, go, all. the . time. He never sits still. I guess that's so he can keep his slim figure. He had learned so many new things this month as well, such as going up the stairs when I have turned my back for mere second, playing in the dog water( this isn't new, but is pretty annoying), he pulls up on everything, and I'm terrified of him slipping and bonking his head on the tile, he also started crawling like a big boy! Though he still won't stand all by himself. When I try to stand him up to practice, he flat out refuses. Stubborn boy! It's so fun to watch him learn and take in all the information he receives throughout the day.
He has also learned a new trick this month. He claps on command, or because he sees someone else doing it. I've tried really hard to get it on camera, but he won't do it. He likes making me seem like a liar I think. I promise that he can do it!

He finally has gotten over his stranger anxiety I think. Grandma and Grandpa have babysat several time where we got nothing but happy reports. He still is very unsure when there are large groups of people who look at him and talk to him, he must have inherited that from his Momma. Also, he he apparently scared, I mean terrified, of dogs that do not live in our house.

Dylan also has been really GREAT at finger foods this month. He eats mostly table scraps from our plates, but he is really good at trying new things.He gives everything the once over before he eats it of course. He gives some things the funniest faces I've ever seen. He loves beans, green, black, pinto, any kinda beans. He loves any type of carb as well. he just loves feeding himself. If I let him sit in his high chair all day and eat he would, I'm pretty sure he would be skinny still though, so I choose to do something other than sit in the kitchen during the day.

This month's stats:

17 lbs. with my oh so accurate weighting method.
9 Month onsies- They are pretty big, but they are what I had purchased that was long sleeved.
I just moved you up to 12 month sleepers.
Size 3 diapers
3-4 8 oz bottles with 3 solid meals a day
You got another tooth, you know how 4 top and 2 bottom!
Still doesn't babble all that much, but grunts ALL day!
crawling like a big boy
I don't feel like your anywhere near walking, but I think I'm alright with that. I thought I was ready, but I'll take a few month weeks/ months of you just crawling!

I can't believe the next month post I will post will have birthday party pictures in it. This year has been a fast one. I didn't take too many photo's this month, I hope to do better this month.

I am sure you have all seen that I have no photos in this post. The computer that has my pictures is being a pain tonight, so I had to use my laptop. Which doesn't have photos on it. I tried to link photobucket photo's, but they were all huge. So PLEASE, PLEASE go HERE get your fill of our little cutie pants!


Casey said...

Great pictures! I love the one with him half inside the trashcan.

Brenda said...

Thank you for posting those pictures! I could see your Mom's expressions and face in so many of them.

Becca said...

He is looking more and more like Adam every picture you take...Atleast I think so :)