Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Torture Table

Some of you might know the torture table. Yes, Dylan gets put on the torture table SEVERAL times a day. I have yet to figure out a good way to get what I need to get accomplished while he is on it. A baby straight jacket perhaps? I've tried pinning him with my arm, that doesn't work. I've tried putting it on the floor, but he runs away. I've tried pinning him down with my feet on the floor, he screams and I feel bad. I've resorted to just doing it while he is standing looking out the window.

But what he doesn't realize is, if he would just be quiet and still, the torture would be over. You see, my baby is mobile now, but he doesn't walk. I'm going to burn so many calories a day just trying to get this one thing accomplished. Unfortunately, it's not a once a day thing, it needs to happen several times a day. It's never a short easy process for either one of us. Who knows, maybe one day he'll just get over it.

The torture table= The CHANGING table. Do you mom's know of this torture device I speak of? It's terrible, and I dread having to walk up the stairs to change Dylan. He is crying before I even lay him on his back. Shortly after, he has arched his back and it trying to roll over. Dangerous when you are on top of the dresser. But when I put him on the floor, he can obviously crawl away. Such a predicament!

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Christine said...

Yes! We have one of those at our house! We actually just came back from it when I read your post!! This time we went to the floor...didn't really help either! I lay her down & she immediatley rolls over and crys and trys to crawl away! Ahhhh!!!