Sunday, November 14, 2010

Under the weather...

That's what's been going on at this house. Not much. Dylan was under the weather for the better half of the week, now Adam has a running nose. We all know how men act when they are sick to. Like babies. So... my immune system is now being tested. I can't even tell you the last time I had a cold. The last time I was sick, was 2 years ago, I had the stomach flu, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Terrible.
Sunday Dylan woke up with a fever, and well he was just being pathetic. Couldn't be put down, didn't want to eat, nothing. That fever remained until Thursday. I woke up telling Adam if he didn't feel better than I would call the Dr. Sure enough, he was fine that morning. No other symptoms so I have no idea what was going on. Even after a few days of being fever free, he wasn't 100% himself. But he's back now. He has been pretty sleepy, so maybe he is growing? That would be good! He needs to grow.

There are a few great things about Dylan being sick. I know that makes me sound like a terrible Momma doesn't it? When he is sick, he'll snuggle, he'll let me rock him, he sleep on my chest, and even better, he'll sit still, I can change a diaper without a fuss. These things are things that my little monkey won't do other wise. He won't snuggle, and diaper changes are once again TORTURE. You would think that I was killing him. I miss the snuggles already. But I'm happy to have my happy baby back!

I know I taunted you guys with big changes. Give me another week, and you'll see what's going on. And no, I'm not pregnant!;)

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