Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Menu

This week, I learned that going to the grocery store with a menu in hand is far cheaper than me having to go every other day to find something to make. Last night, Adam made dinner, it was nice, Dylan played by himself, which usually when someone is in the kitchen these days, he is trying to climb up their leg and whining! So I got to watch some TV, and have dinner made for me! Of course it was yummy!


Sunday: Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, with steamed veggies in cheese sauce. ( everyone should make this, it was SOO GOOD!)

The pizza from last week that we never got around to making!
Ribs, with baked beans and potato salad
General TSO's chicken, brown rice
Breakfast for dinner, Waffles and fruit salad.

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The Links said...

I LOVE meal planning. I swear meal planning brings my grocery budget down just as much as couponing does!! and it saves a lot of trips to the store.