Monday, March 7, 2011

I feed my kid, I promise!

I know, I know. Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest kid in the whole wide world. But I'm pretty sure, most people also think mine is. We can't go anywhere without people staring at Dylan, or trying to get him to smile at him. Which, I'll be honest isn't really that hard, he is kind of a flirt. Every restaurant, grocery store, church, every where Dylan is a huge hit. The other day, I think we hit the PEEK of stranger admiration.

I was at Sam's enjoying my $1.50 Nathan's hot dog deal. Then came this elderly man, maybe 80? He sat down next to us, and Dylan was flirting big time with him. He was also eating a hot dog, so I'm pretty sure Dylan just thought that he was going to share. Well, after about 3 minuets of Dylan flirting with this man, he gets up and leaves. Dylan is sad. Then this man comes back and hands me a hot dog. HE BOUGHT DYLAN A HOT DOG. The conversation was something like this.

Man-" Here, this one is for him."
ME-" OH my gosh, you didn't need to do that, I'm sharing mine"
Man- "Well he looked like he wanted his own."
Me- " Oh well, thank you so much" ( What I wanted to say... I PROMISE you I feed my child. Though he doesn't look like it. )
So I've never had a stranger buy my child food before, but maybe it's not a bad thing... I mean, I did get a free hot dog! Dylan didn't really eat but like 5 bites of it!:)
If he can already get strangers to buy him things, I'm pretty sure Daddy and I are in trouble!

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