Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung

With it being the middle of March in Texas, that means we have a few good weeks before it gets ridiculously hot for summer. Although it's been really windy, Dylan and I have enjoyed getting outside and playing. I'll tell you what, he learned to walk at just the right time. Going to the park is 100% more fun that he doesn't have to crawl in the grass, or even just sit there. We've been to the park several times with his friend Caden, and FINALLY we were able to go with Daddy once. I think he had the most fun with Daddy!

We have been frequently Celebration Park in Allen, as well as Breckenridge. Though, I prefer Celebration, because it's so huge, no matter how many people are there it seems so empty. There are no trees though, so when it's really windy, you can't get away from it. It also has a duck pond, with big fat ducks that like to be fed! As well as a great walking trail that I think is probably about 2 miles long.

Pushing his stroller with his friend, though I'll be honest, he looks pretty happy to have left Caden in the dust!:)

I also purchased him a water table for the house. I figured he liked playing in the dog water bowl so much, he would probably get a kick out of actually be allowed to play in the water! The only problem is, that when we came in from outside, he stood at the back door and cried. I'm trying to convince Adam we need a swing set! I had a real crappy one as a kid, but I still loved that thing. I think we would get GREAT use out of it! ( Hint hint Adam... if you're reading this)


Preemie Donna said...

What a cutie pie. We got Bella a slide for her birthday and she loves it. Nice part it can be used inside and outside. So hot, cold, rain or snow she can slide.
We got her this one, she loves to find us in the periscope.

I wish I had got her this one instead for the swing.

The Links said...

The Fuzzy's is in the shopping center with IHOP and Buffalo Wild Wings on George Bush and Garland!!