Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Love

Well, I see these all the time and since y'all have not gotten a good baby update, I thought I would do one! I can't believe it's almost time for the third trimester! They say the second pregnancy goes quickly, they do not lie!

how far along? 26 and 6 days
total weight gain/loss? 18-20 pounds maybe
maternity clothes? Oh yes, I love them. Though I did try on my regular jeans a week ago and could button them! That made me happy! But I wouldn't be caught dead in public in them!
stretch marks? No new ones, a few small ones from Dylan sleep? I sleep a lot. The last two night I have not even gotten up to pee. Must not be drinking enough water!
best moment this week? I'm pretty sure getting off a plane in Denver where the high is in the 70s' is going to be the best part!
movement? Yup, it's on of my favorite things about being pregnant:)
food cravings? I crave food in general. I finally gave in to my waffle cone craving. The guy at Baskin Robbins thought it was so awesome I wanted JUST the waffle cone, he gave it to me for free! I came home and filled it with Mint chocolate chip though!:) Yum.
gender predictions? I'm pretty sure he is still a boy!
what i miss: I don't really miss much. I guess margaritas. If I want a sip of beer I'll have some of Adam's but I can't let myself drink liquor for some reason!
what I'm looking forward to: I am most looking forward to finding out what he looks like. By this time with Dylan we had several profile ultrasounds and a 3d, but with Graham, we haven't gotten one. So I wonder what he will look like.
how are you feeling? I feel great. It's hot here so I try to stay inside or submerged in water most of the time. Other than that, I love being pregnant. A friend of mine said I should be a surrogate because it comes very easy to me. Though I will say, having a wild toddler to chase does make for a sore back in the evenings most nights!

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