Sunday, July 17, 2011

We survived.

We did it. We survived. I don't know when we will do it again. What you asked? Travelled with a toddler.

This last week we traveled for the first time with Dylan. By plane. It was a test run for a vacation we had been invited on in March. Yup, we thought about travelling by plane, with a toddler and an infant. Lets just say, I'm glad we did the "test run." While Dylan was actually really good, we decided on the way home that maybe it wouldn't be a great idea.

We went to Vail Co. Let me just say, as a six month pregnant person, it was HEAVEN. The weather was never above 70 degrees, and well other than the altitude making it hard to breathe while walking up stairs, it was so nice. Having Dylan there really limited the daily activities. We spent lots of time at the park, and in the condo for nap time.

I pretty much failed on the picture front really, so I only have a few. Once I get them loaded onto the computer I'll begin the details of the trip. Trust me, there are not that many, maybe 2 posts. I just like to drag things out for y'all.

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