Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sneak Peek

In honor of Graham's furniture being delivered tomorrow, I thought that I would do a little nursery post. Not that there is a lot to say or show at this moment, but hey, the nursery is one of the most fun parts of having a baby!:)

As mentioned in this post, we decided to use Dylan's glider for the new room because, it is awesome. So we purchased a new, not as awesome chair, for Dylan's room, and are using the red one for Graham. I am not a big "theme" person, so we just go with colors. Grahams room is going to have such a different feel to it than Dylan's. Much more modern and adult I guess you could say. Dylan's is definitely a kiddo's room, and I still do love it.

So far, all we have done is painted the walls, with hired help, and let me tell you, that was the BEST money we have spent. We went from "builder beige" to a nice Gray with white stripes, which I'm happy to report I LOVE! We have also hung a new light fixture, ( Not pictured at this time) and Adam made me a built in for the closet. I don't have a finished picture of the closet, but don't worry, it will be in the whole "finished nursery" post

I have also picked out some mirrors for above his changing table, a hamper, and some changing pads. With some help from other blogs and nursery sites, I pretty much know what else I need. Such as drawer organizers, a throw for the chair, curtains, and wall art. Luckily, I have a pretty good idea of what I want, and where to buy it, so this room will come together pretty quickly I do believe. Which I guess is good since I just passed the 6 month mark, and this little boy will be here in 3 very short months!

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The Links said...

Love the stripes......did you have Chewy paint it???