Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leavin... on a jet plane

The first plane ride with a toddler is a bit daunting. As is the first long distance trip. I'm pretty sure I packed everything that I could think of. Luckily, I didn't seem to forget anything. For our first trip, we decided to buy Dylan his own seat, that way he could sit in his car seat and feel secure if for any reason he freaked out. So there we are. Traipsing around DFW airport with a toddler in a stroller, a car seat strapped to a rolling suitcase, a pregnant momma, and TONS of bags. I refuse to pay $20 a bag to check them, so we just made sure we could carry everything on. 5 bags in total. We had a lot of crap to say the least.

After making it through security, which was my biggest fear, it was smooth sailing. So I thought. I gate checked the stroller, we boarded the plane, got Dylan in his seat, and handed him a sippy cup. You know, to help with his ears. He chugged that cup. I gave him more. He drank all of that. I filled his cup up with the rest of the apple juice and gave it to him just in time for take off. That and some Goldfish, he was a happy camper. Luckily the flight was only an hour and a half. So we didn't have to keep him occupied for too long.

About the time the drink cart rolls around, this Momma really needed some caffeine, it happened. Dylan tossed his cookies. Goldfish and gallon of water/juice to be exact. It was terrible. He was strapped in and just kept puking. I guess he had kind of gagged, poor kiddo got my gag tolerance, and then the flood gates opened. The flight attendants were so GREAT. Sidenote: If you have never flown Frontier Airlines, I recommend. They give you cookies people. Not peanuts, cookies, fresh baked ones. Anyway, so after he was done I took him to the bathroom while I let Adam clean up the mess he had made. He is such a good Daddy.

I am happy to report that the rest of the flight was fine, and really we think he only chucked because he had a whole bottle of apple juice and a TON of water. Our game plan was to not give him any liquids until take off on the flight back. Stay tuned to find out how that turned out.

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The Links said...

Poor guy.... I can/timagine flying with a baby.