Friday, August 26, 2011


Have you even known anyone who have been friends since before they could remember? Now I'm not talking about those people who say they have known each other forever, when in reality it's only been 15 years. I'm talking friends since birth? I'm excited to say that my kiddo's might be that lucky. Recently, one of my best friends, Maid of honor, and Cosmo lady twin, Becca and her family moved back to Dallas. Not only did they move to Dallas, they moved into our neighborhood! Adam went to elementary school with Becca, and I've known her, through soccer, since we were in the 4th grade. Here is the kicker. She has a son, Carson, that is 4 months older than Dylan, and we are both due with our second boys within 6 weeks of each other.

It's nice having a built in best friend for Dylan. Sure, Dylan will make friends in school, but he will always have Carson as kind of like a security blanket. They will be in the same grade, as will Graham and Carson's little brother. We've had many play dates since their arrival in Dallas, they are finally getting used to each other. When Carson left the other night, they gave each other a hugs, Dylan then body slammed Carson into the ground and made him cry. It was hilarious, and also sad, because never again in his life will that happen. Dylan just doesn't have the football gene's that Carson does.

The great thing about toddlers being together, they entertain each other. Carson was over the other day and I brought out the crayons. I didn't hear a thing from either of them for at least 30 minuets. Then they got restless and started coloring on things IE: The wall, blueberry, table, chairs, really anything. Thank goodness for washable colors! They had a great time together though, and I'm looking forward to many more dates with them and their new little brothers!

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