Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last year, when Mom died, some of you might remember that we got stuck with her animals. I say stuck, because when you already have 2 dogs, a cat and a 5 month old, any additions are a little much. I wish that she had had a 5 pound dog, instead of a 60 pound horse, who had never been around kiddos. We knew that we couldn't keep Gator forever. Which was hard on me, because whenever Mom would have the " If anything ever happens to me" speech with me, she ALWAYS asked me to make sure to take care of Gator. It was an adjustment at first, but we got used to it. Though he never got used to Dylan.
Once Dylan got more mobile, and curious of his surroundings, we really noticed that Gator had to go. He was just too jumpy around him, and well toddlers don't understand that you can't touch a dog when he isn't looking at you. I had asked around if anyone knew anyone who wanted a fully grown dog. Wouldn't you know, he wasn't too marketable. Several months ago, Gator finally bit Dylan, that was the last straw. He went up on Craigslist. Again, no one wanted a huge dog that isn't good with kids. I knew we needed to find him a home before Graham came. The sooner the better. I knew I couldn't put him in a shelter, no one would adopt him, he would be put down. I had enough on my conscious just getting rid of him. But I knew that Mom wouldn't have wanted her dog to be biting her grandbaby that she loved so much. Finally two weeks ago, I got a hit on craigslist. It was a woman who ran a "rescue" I say that word loosely. Upon loading Gator up an making an hour drive to Terrell, we came to the conclusion she was probably just an animal hoarder. It was horrible. I could never have let the sweet dog that we had come to love live with her. I wanted a good life for him.

Suzan, Adam's mom, after getting news that we couldn't leave him with her, sent out an email to her email list. Within days, we had someone else who wanted to meet him. Adam spoke with her on the phone. Now, if you know my husband, he doesn't really say anything bad about people. But he told me this sounded very promising and that she was just so nice. We made a plan to take Gator to meet her and her family on Saturday. I loved the idea that she had 2 acres of land, and 4 children, the youngest being ten. So old enough to know not to sneak up on a dog.

We arrive, her family meets us outside. Gator takes to them instantly. She truly was one of the nicest people I've met. They were all just so in awe with Gator, and Dylan of course. They threw the ball as far as they could and he would willingly go fetch it. They loved him. He loved them. It couldn't have been more perfect. I was so happy. Happy that I could give away the last piece that truly reminded me of my mother, and not feel guilty. He was going to a great family. The woman, she is a runner, so he was going to get to go out on runs every morning. It was perfect. I told her to send me pictures, and that I would probably check in every month to see how he was doing.

Not three hours later did we get a text with a picture of him sprawled on their floor, making himself at home. It made my heart happy. Then, they told us they changed his name to Boomer, because they are Sooner Fans!:) Gator to Boomer. Two quality dog names! So we are back to two dogs. Life is much more calm. You don't realize how many dogs three is until you go back to two. The cat is also happy he is gone, she has been all over the place this week.

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Preemie Donna said...

I think your mom is smilling down on her sweet Gator knowing he is running and playing. I know she would be so proud of you and Adam for taken care of him.