Saturday, August 27, 2011

Handy Man

I usually always write blogs about the tiny men in my life. Today's blog is dedicated to the grown up one in my life. My husband. As most of you know, Adam and I have been together for a veryyy long time. Since we were 15. So to say we know pretty much everything about each other is probably an understatement. Though, when we got married and bought our first house in Philly, I learned something. He is very handy. Who would have thought it? Not me. I can't think of how many times I've heard him say, " I can make that." Do you know how annoying that phrase is when you just want a simple bookshelf? Well, a bookshelf he made. Do you know how long it took him to make said bookshelf? MONTHS. Cutting wood, sanding wood, putting together wood. It took months, did it look nice? Custom made? Sure. But it took forever. That is when we learned we have to add in his time as well to see if it would be cheaper to " Just make that."

Since moving into our new house, he has changed out a few light fixtures, added a ceiling fan to our bedroom, hung a media room projector, made a built in for Graham's nursery, and built a bench. The bench was his "nesting" project I think. He worked for a few hours a night for a week straight making this bench. That was after he did required research on bench building, as to have it be comfy for his short wife!:) He designed it, and built it, and once it gets to be cooler, I'm sure we will sit on it!

I'm lucky to have a handy man in my house. Though with all the things I make him do, he might wish he wasn't!

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