Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There are very few things that Adam and I don't agree on, but one thing we do is about our kids bikes. Now you might be saying, that's a silly thing to agree on. We agree that our kids will lose bike privileges if they leave them in the middle of the sidewalk. Almost every day when we go on a walk, there is a house a few doors down that ALWAYS, and I mean always people, has a bike or two laying in the middle of the sidewalk. Since we have a stroller with us, we have to run in their grass with it. Which I also hate.

When we were little, sure we left our bikes out. I vividly remember one instance when my mom and dad had told my sister and me not to leave them in the street when we went into a friends house. Of course, Erin and I did and when we came out they were gone. We freaked. My parents were so angry, but little did we know that they had been the ones to take them off the street. Proving a point I guess. Point taken I'm sure. We never had our bikes stolen after that.

So I guess that even though it will make us " hypocrites" we will not allow our children to leave things on the sidewalk. Sure, leave them outside, whatever. But not in the middle of the sidewalk for crying out loud!

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