Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Alright, finally I'll let you know what you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats for. The return flight from Vail. Adam had the idea to check the car seat at the gate this time and let Dylan just sit in the seat so he could move around. With a little hesitation, I did it. We tried to strap in in between us, but the little kid is just so skinny that he could slip down and get out of the belt. So they made us hold me. I was in the window seat, so we let him look out. Also, he didn't have ANY water up until now. We dehydrated him if you will. So as we were taking off, he was occupied with chicken nuggets and water. Lucky guy!

He was 100% better on this flight. We colored, watched Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse, colored more, and flirted with the girl behind us. He was a happy boy. That is when we decided that we would most likely not be going on the trip with Baby Graham and Dylan in March. Even though Dylan was great on the return flight, we were both exhausted, and figured if we wanted a vacation we could take the boys somewhere close like Sea World or something:)

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Flippin' adorable photo!