Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Brother

One of the many things that I was concerned with , with bringing a new baby into the house was how Dylan would react. I was worried he would think we didn't love him anymore, and I was worried there was no way that I could love Graham as much as I love Dylan. He is my little monkey, my first born, and my wild child. Boy was I incorrect.

Yes, Dylan is a wanting a little more attention. His new favorite thing is to carry around his shoes, saying " Dooes" ( Sounds a little like Jews), and pointing at the front door, the child could live outside if we let him. He is also a little more hitty, if you will. If he doesn't get what he wants, he starts flapping his hands around hitting whatever comes his way. Including, his new baby brother's head. Now of course this is unacceptable, so he goes to timeout. I'll be honest though, when you have one child attached to a boob, and one that is being bad, it's a little hard to get up and put him in timeout. Off subject, but I never thought timeout would work for my kid. You mean, tell him to sit in one spot and "think" about what he did? I will tell you though, it works, he will sit there, and stay, and if I keep getting onto him, saying " We do not hit" he gets this big tears in his eyes. I think I hurt his feelings. I'm just surprised he will stay in one place.

Dylan's saving grace for being a naughty little monkey, is that he is super sweet with his brother. He will hug him and kiss him. Without me even saying to. He will just sit and watch him. He will rock him in his chair. He will pat his belly if he is crying, and he pet's his head. He will try to give him back a pacifier if it fell out. He just melts my heart. I knew he would be sweet, but I never guessed that he would be as good with him as he has. Now as our pediatrician told us, that will probably all change once Graham is mobile and stealing Dylan's toys!

So to say the least, Dylan is a great big brother, and we are surviving, and possibly even thriving as a family of four. Everyday we get a little more adventurous. This weekend, we went to dinner with Adam's parents. Saturday, we went over to Becca's parents house to watch the Rangers game. We stayed until after 10. Dylan was great. Graham screamed the entire way home. He was starving. The kid has Dylan and Adam's metabolism I think. He can eat until the cows come home. Though he still has frog legs! He does have him some cheeks though!

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