Friday, October 21, 2011

The first two.

Can you believe it? Graham is two whole weeks old. Time sure does fly. As I had assumed, he doesn't have nearly as many pictures taken of him, he gets put in some kind of baby contraption as soon as he falls asleep, and overall, has much less stressed parents.

Having a newborn in the house again has been an adjustment. There are many things Adam and I had forgotten about having a newborn, like, did you know they don't hold their own heads up? That's something we forgot. I hate to admit it, but his head has almost fallen off a few times from forgetting this little bit of information. Did you know they cry for no reason? How about they don't sleep through the night? Though I can't really complain about this. Adam and I have a pretty good system going. I get up for the first feeding, then Adam handles the second. We are getting 4-5 hour stretches because well, we like sleep, I know he is gaining weight, and well "don't wake a sleeping baby!"

Graham has been a great addition to our family, Dylan loves him, most of the time. The only time he has shown real jealousy is when I am nursing him. Dylan has become very interested in my boobs, as well as pacifiers and bottles. As long as I'm not nursing, Dylan loves his brother, he will lay next to him, kiss him, give him hugs, and say " uh oh" when he is crying. He loves to rock him in his chair, as well as the swing. Sadly, Dylan also thinks that because "baby brother" can play in these items so can he. Luckily, he doesn't exceed the weight limit on the swing yet, because if he breaks that, he is a dead kid. ( only kidding of course, we would just buy a new one.)

I'm adjusting to having two kiddo's pretty well I think. This week, I managed to get to the grocery store, while Dylan was in school of course, I even took both boys to story time at the library, and I would have been on time if I could have found my phone. After that we ventured out to lunch with our friends Becca and Carson. Graham slept the whole time, so that makes it easier. It will be much harder to do anything I think once Graham is awake more and requires more attention. But for now, I will savor his sleepiness.
Graham has gone on walks in the neighborhood, had his first "real" bath, which he loved, and gone to one of Daddy's soccer games. He has been a busy boy in his first two weeks. I can't imagine what the next two hold for us in this house.

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Becca said...

I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks...the bath picture is precious! I think best pic yet.